ADA Consulting, CASp Services

Disability Access
Tips for the Small Business

    We are certified by the State of California to provide ADA Consulting services. These particular services are quite extensive due to the precise nature of the current ADA laws. When our services are requested we will provide our client with;
  1. Services & programs that determine compliance with ADA regulation.
  2. An evaluation of facilities.
  3. We will prepare a self evaluation & Transition plan that complies with current ADA standards.
  4. We will track the proposed modifications and provide time frames & priorities.
  5. Finally we will provide the owner with a cost estimate for remediation work required as a result of the evaluation.
    Upon the completion of our inspection & reports the state will post the results of the inspection on the web and the business will be issued a placard showing that they have given a good faith effort to become ADA compliant. Also after the inspection the owner of the facility will be allowed a "court stay" if there is a complaint or suit filed against you. What this means is that you will have the right to a temporary stoppage "and early evaluation conference to evaluate the merit of the accessibility claim against you pursuant to Civil Code Section 55.54." These rights are only granted to business that have undergone and have proof of an ADA inspection.

    For a better explanation of the liability owners face due to the ADA regulations please click on the links below.

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