Healthcare Inspections

OSHPD Building Inspection

What is an IOR?

    IORs are independent hospital inspectors who are certified by OSHPD’s Facilities Development Division (FDD). Their job is to continuously inspect all phases of the hospital construction process to assure
that the work is being done in accordance with OSHPD approved plans and applicable codes.

How can one become an Inspector of Record?
    First, an individual must be certified by OSHPD to perform the duties of an IOR. Once certified, the hospital is responsible for hiring the IOR. The architect and OSHPD must also approve the hospital’s selection. Typically, IORs find employment via a recommendation by the design professional, responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) or contacting hospitals directly.

What does an IOR do?
    An IOR must record all construction activities that occur on site. They are
responsible for verifying that items such as the seismic anchorage of equipment, the bracing of all mechanical, plumbing, and electrical piping and conduits are installed in accordance with the approved documents and installation procedures.
    The IOR oversees all inspections and witnesses all tests performed by outside inspectors. As part of the inspection team and as the liaison between the owner, the architect and OSHPD, the IOR observes and reports the results of each inspection to all responsible parties.
    While the IOR works collaboratively with OSHPD, the contractor, and the architect on the project, OSHPD is the legal permitting authority and has expert staff, including Area Compliance Officers, Fire Life Safety Officers and Structural Engineers, in the field that monitor the process.

Is there a need for more IORs?
    Currently there are approximately 1000 certified IORs, but with construction increasing, it has become more of a challenge to recruit qualified IORs for projects. Call OSHPD today to learn more about IORs and the certification process at (916) 440-8316.
(This information came from the OSHPD website.